Friday, June 06, 2008

Yvette's 4Oth Bday Vegas Trip

Yes, Yvette turned 40 and looked damn hot in her dress! We hit the strip to go clubbing to ring in the big 4-0. Ya'll know Yvette was co-starring in the Gladiator Sequel.

Yvette's bday dinner! We is lookin fizzine as hell!

Stephanie and I being Trashalicious at a Casino. I tried to lift her but it was too much booty in her pants for me to lift.

This is Yvette's night out. We went to an outside bar called Hawallian Tropic Zone. It was off the chiizanne we danced to all our favorites. The shots started pretty early.

Stephanie went out for Yvette's bday but in this picture she is secretly saying. This is about me! This is my night!

Trying to get my pose on! Poparodc was hounded!

See, I told ya'll. She was literally saying here, "it's about me! Yvette who?" she was also doing what she does best, going down!

Why does Yvette look scared here? Stephanie trying to get a man and Javie looks awfully close to the gladiator.

This is Poparodc laughing at the "Hot Tranny Mess" behind me. Her ass knew that leopard print should not have been worn by her and that size 12 shoulda been a 16. I''m just saying!

Big Momma backing her thang up! Big girls! Why must you think that print is yo friend????? It ain't!

Broke ass version of Elvis trying to get his play on with these trashlettes.

Joe fell asleep, Yvette woke his ass up.

Poparodc posing again. Don't worry ya'll, Yvette's tits were not falling she was just cold.

Told ya'll! "Its all about me"

So there was a chic dancing like crazy and then I danced with her skanky ass! I loved her! She was so trashy, I felt an instant connection with her so we started Juking!

Yes, the Former Fly Girls posing for a pic!

Stephanie saw a pole and felt right at home. She was going to interperet an episode of G-String Divas.
I also had to do my version of G-String Divas! By this time we was getting pretty trashed :)

Joe was attracted to the pole for some odd reason too.

Stephanie saw this bouncer as soon as she walked in and she was lovin some him. She took a picture with him and it looked like he liked him some Stephy!

Javie and I was trying to get close with some tongue action.

These horny fools could not take it to their room and started to make out all up in the club. She holding her coochie like its protected or something.

1st fashion mishap is the long dress. The 2nd is that it was wet pleather! Seriously! Take that shit back cuz aint no one like yo shit.

More juking, we had a good ol time!

Ok, I saw this bubble dress everywhere.

Big girls, if it comes in your size don't mean you could wear it. This is a bubble dress and not meant to be worn by those shaped like a bubble. If you stretched out the middle part of the dress, this dress is not for you. But don't worry, I don't blame you. I blame your girl friends for not being true and letting yo ass go out like this. Dump them friends cuz they let you wear something that looks like a glittery glad bag!

Again, big girls rockin the print!

Stephanie and I trying to rock our red carpet pose. It aint workin!

Cholo Love!
What happends in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially your one night stands, nuf said. I aint mad cuz he is cute!

Stephanie at cock level!

Aww Group love!

Stephanie, please tell you dropped this like a hot tamale! This aint for you.

I hope she has panties on cuz then we may bring something back from Vegas.

Thats a wide load you got there! Hope you can handle it!

Yvette, thats hot! Take that home now!

Yvette, whacha doin?

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Anonymous said...

Aaaah yes, gotta love Vegas baby!!! It's too bad we didn't see each other boo but I see you had a blast, & I sho' did too! but damn, now you makin me re-think MY print dress m-f'er! I thought I was rockin' that, hmmm....