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Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Recap!

Ok, I just watched the Dancing with the Stars finale and I gots to say boo to Warren Sapp! My boy Lance Bass did really good and they gave fat Sapp better scores?!?!? I wanted to kick Carrie Ann in her throat! She needs to recognize true talent and jus because Warren gets her mousse knuckle all moist she gives Sapp better scores! Biotch!

Brooke is gonna win, I ain't even gonna try to pretend that Lance gots this cuz he dont. His freestyle was weak compared to Burke.

Dang, we'll see tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





ENJOY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, August 08, 2008

Coming Soon...........................







Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saw V Teaser Trailer!

Get Ready this halloween, it's on!

South Beach Phase 2

Wut up biotches!

Ya'll know I have been struggling with my wieght for a couple of years and I was all about Lose Weight for 08. Well I went on South Beach phase 1 and I lost 7lbs. My ass was weighing in at a heft 149lb but cuz of south beach I have dropped to 142lb.

Phase 2 has started, I'll let you know how my hungry ass does with this.

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (Tech Run)

Ya'll know I been blogging about dancing like there's no tomorrow, my journey back to dance. After 10 years I got back into dancing and I love it! Its been 10 weeks of gruling rehersals and now the time has come to perform.

Last night was our tech run which deals with lighting on stage. Our run was suppose to start from 7pm-8pm and we had to be ready to dance at 7pm. My latino ass got there at 6:20 cuz I would be late and we didnt run until 8:55. My hungry ass was not happy.

Then we had some stage director that was a fuckin dance nazi! I almost killed that skinny bitch cuz she was brutal to people. She would check people in a rude way. We are all in the room quiet and my inside voice suddenly came out and said "Does that bitch have a man? Cuz she really needs a good fuck, she I aint straight but I'm about to help her out and take it for the dance team." OOPS! That shit was so loud, everyone started to laugh but I swear that meant to be in my head. I hate when that happends and you have to be Nancy to understand what I'm saying.

Anyway performance time Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 1!

Just a little history lesson, the number 1 song 31 years ago this week is my shit! I have always loved this song. Everytime they play this shit on the light station, I turn it up and lean like a cholo! I aint afraid to act gangsta with some Andy Gibb.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oprah Moment (Saying Goodbye)

I haven't blogged in a month. It has been such a tough time in my life that blogging wasn't on my mind. I did forget how therapeutic it is to vent on this page as well as have fun.

It was a month ago today that I had to leave on emergency to be by my dying grandfather's side. I was told a week before that he had at most 6 months to live and here I was distraught leaving to see him not even 5 days later. He had surgery and was put on a ventilator which he did not want. Doctors did not expect him to wake up.

I left on the first flight out and took a cab straight to the hospital upon my arrival. My aunt pulled me aside and said brace yourself its not the same grandpa there are machines and tubes everywhere. He had just woken up from the surgery and was alert but he could not breathe on his own.

I am walking down the hall of intensive care unit and it was the longest walk of my life. I just kept getting images of my grandfather and myself throughout the years. I could not believe I was going to see him in a state that I never thought I would see. My heart is beating so fast I started to shake of fear and as I looked in the room, I quickly turned back around to catch my breath. I broke down and just could not find the strength to walk in there and show him that I was strong enough for both of us. I didn't know what to say to him.

I finally pulled together and walked in. I went straight to his side and he looked at me with the saddest eyes and lifted his hand to hold my hand, his eyes started to water and a piece of me started to die with him at that very moment. All I said was "I'm here grandpa and I love you more than I could every tell you." I assured him that everything was gonna be ok and he was gonna be home soon. I asked him if he was in pain and he shook his head no.

He was able to write what he wanted and at one point just asked if we could stay in the room on the side so he isnt alone. I stayed all day and spent the night there. All I could do is pray, pray that he is not suffering, pray that he can be at peace soon. That night I talked to God like I have never talked to him before and just wanted to know why he was taking him so quickly from me. I know I was blessed to have had him this long but I wanted to share more with him.

Things got worse and it was time to make a decision about taking him off life support. My poor grandmother had to make the decision and sign the papers. This is the 2nd time she has done this in her life. First with her daughter and now with her soul mate, I just can't explain where she pulled her strength to sign. It was what he wanted.

We all stood around and the nurses walked in to take out the breathing tube and I quickly went to his side and just held his hand. I wanted him to know that I was there and that he wasnt alone. When they took off the tube he squeezed my hand so tight and I just started to hold his head. I was holding him tight I didnt want to let him go, I couldn't, I cant. His eyes opened and his pupils rolled back to his head he made very frightening sounds and I just asked please do something. They gave him more morphine. I put my head next to him and said " Grandpa you can go, its time to rest, its time to be with your daughter." I kept telling him that I love him. He took his last breath and I knew it was his last breath.

My grandfather wrote a letter before he died and it was so beautiful. He wrote to my grandmother thanking her and God for being blessed by her love and that their souls belong to each other. He also wrote some amazing things about remembering him and that he is always with us. He also wrote about me, he said that he loves me so much like I could not imagine and that he prayed for me daily. He prayed that God is watching me in my life and he prayed that one day my family love and accept me for who I am.

I am completely broken! I am a changed person I feel like I have just lost a part of me and I don't know where to turn. I always knew that the day he died was gonna be hard but I never imagined it to be like this. I miss him terribly. I miss the man that called me Norrio, the man that always said in his broken English "You are my number one!", the man that always told me that "I look like a movie star", the man that told me that I have showed him more love than some of his own children and that he was so proud of me and proud to be my grandfather.

Saying goodbye was not easy it was truly the most difficult thing in I had to ever endure. I actually talked to him the night before for about an hour and I had a strong feeling about our conversation. I told him that I loved him and that he is my father, my idol, my soul. I thanked him for his wisdom and his support. I told him that when if I ever have a child he will know who Jesus Gonzalez was and what he meant to me. We were both crying and we said goodbye.

I am trying to cope with his death but I still can't talk about him with out crying. I still have the last image of him in my head, I still cry myself to sleep. I miss you grandpa! I need you!

Friday, July 11, 2008

'Not as We'

Reborn and shivering
Spat out on new terrain

Unsure unconvincing
This faint and shaky hour

Day one day one start over again
Step one step one
I'm barely making sense for now
I'm faking it I'm pseudo making it
From scratch begin again but this time I as i
And not as we

Gun shy and quivering
Timid without a hand

Feign brave with steel intent
little and hardly here

Day one day one start over again
Step one step one
with not much making sense just yet
I'm faking it til I'm pseudo making it
From scratch begin again but this time I as i
And not as we

Eyes wet toward
Wide open frayed
If God's taking bets
I pray He wants to lose

Day one day one start over again
Step one step one
I'm barely making sense just yet
I'm faking it til I'm pseudo making it
From scratch begin again but this time I as I
And not as we

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Story of a Man (My Idol, My Dad, My Soul)

A man who was born and raised by a single mother in Mexico. A single mother who worked at a bar and did her best raising two boys.
A man that had no father to guide him into manhood.
A man who went to school as much as he could, but worked most of his childhood and all of his adolescence.
A man who lived through poverty and hardship.
A man who, at a young age, had more family struggles than the average boy.
A man who in the midst of all his trials and tribulations saw a light. A light that shined his destiny.
That light was her!
A man who, without searching, found his true love, his soul mate. Finding his true love finally completed his journey of the man he was trying to become.
A man who married his destiny and moved to another country in pursuit of a better life for his wife and himself.
A man who, upon arriving to this country, finally met his father. The father that was never there for him, the father that he never knew.
A man who gained a father and a family of brothers & sisters much to his surprise.
A man that had to adapt to a new culture, a new language, and a new family.
A man that was over-whelmed with emotions of establishing a relationship with the father he had long yearned for.
A man that was not initially accepted by society and by his new family.
A man who established a new life, a new career, and a family of his own.
A man who was faced with being a father, a role that was never present in his life.
A man who made many mistakes as a father, due to the lack of knowledge of what it took to be a father.
A man who took his children to church every Sunday.
A man who made success of his career.
A man who surpassed his own expectations as a provider, a husband, and a son.
A man who brought his mother to this country so he could care for her as she did for him.
A man who brought his brother from Mexico in hopes he would create a better life for himself.
A man who was faced with the most tragic thing a parent could endure; the loss of a teenage daughter.
A man who felt that when his daughter passed a part of him passed with her. A piece of his soul was gone.
A man who lost the one woman who cared for him and nurtured him: his mother.
A man who became a grandfather and tried to mend the mistakes as a father with his grandchildren.
A man who was diagnosed with Cancer and survived
A man who has dedicated his entire life to make his wife happy.
A man who has overcome obstacles in his life that are unimaginable.
A man who has inspired me to become a better man.

This man is my maternal grandfather Jesus Gonzalez. My grandfather's story is just so inspiring to me. I truly value him as my grandfather and I admire him as a man. I have a very special relationship with him and my grandmother. I contact them often and I even make it a point to visit them. I am lucky to have them in my life and I have stated that if I ever become half the man that my grandfather is then I have become the man I need to be.


I wrote a story about my grandfather last month who is battling cancer. When I heard of the cancer, I had high hopes. The doctors were very optimistic of his recovery and he said he was ready to fight.

He had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation and things were looking up. He was very ill because of the chemo but it looked like he was on his way to recovery. Just last week he was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his lungs. The cancer keeps causing his lungs to be filled with fluids and he has episodes where he feels like he is drowning.

He has been given a life expectency of 2 mos without chemo and 18mos with chemo given that he can withstand the chemo. My aunt is a nurse and is actually thinking that he will pass in a matter of a few weeks. We are all rushing to Vegas to see him.

I have been living in this fairytale land where I never imagined life without my grandpa. Many people have grandparents arent close to them, I was. I dont have a relationship with my dad and never felt that I needed one because my dad is my grandpa. He was there in my kindergarden graduation, my first communion, my eigth grade graduation, my high school graduation, and my adult life. I speak to him once a week and we have such a tight bond.

Now I must face that I am losing him! The hardest thing in my life! I am rushing to his side to say the things that I will never be able to say to him. What am I gonna say? What does there need to be said? I love him and he is my life, my soul, my idol. I want to hug him and just lay next to him and take away his pain. I am losing my dad! I just was not prepared for this I never thought this day would come. My heart aches for him and for us.

If I had children, I would want my kids to see the man that I have aspired to be my entire life. The man that I strived to make him proud. The man who has more courage than any other man I know. The man that comforts me with his voice. The man I can't imagine my life without.

I am off to see him and to say our final words. I won't be writing for a few days to dedicate my time to my idol and my grandmother, who is losing her soulmate.

My Grandpa! Mi Abuelo! Mi Papa!

My grandpa! Mi abuelo! Mi papa!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Today's Bitch Slap of the Day goes to Stephanie and Rodri!

They went to vegas (see pics below) for Yvette's bday and it somehow turned into their night. It turned into them, pictures, stories, and lots of scandals!

How you gonna celebrate yo girl's mile stone and turn into your night?

WHACK! Bitch Slap Their ASSES!

It ain always about ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!

(Even though we just can't help it, we just popular that way)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brokeback Mountain the Opera?

Yes, Brokeback Mountain will debut as an Opera in the Spring of 2013. The New York City Opera commissioned Charles Wuorinen to compose the Opera. I think that's wonderful but why the fuck do I got to wait 5 years to watch it? It really takes that long to compose an Opera? I wonder who the two cowboys will be? I can't wait!

Trans Puerto Rico Airlines!

Ya'll know I would fly this airline just for the experience. It's like the latino version of Soul Plane!

Trans Puerto Rico, the way to really fly!

Friday, June 06, 2008

New Madonna!

Here is Madonna's new smoking hot video 'Give it 2 Me' ft Pharrell Williams.

Loooove it!

Sex and the City

If you have not seen Sex and the City the movie here are 5 reasons to see it!
Reason 1.

Reason 2.



and most importantly Reason 5. But he looks like he would be 9 erect!

Yvette's 4Oth Bday Vegas Trip

Yes, Yvette turned 40 and looked damn hot in her dress! We hit the strip to go clubbing to ring in the big 4-0. Ya'll know Yvette was co-starring in the Gladiator Sequel.

Yvette's bday dinner! We is lookin fizzine as hell!

Stephanie and I being Trashalicious at a Casino. I tried to lift her but it was too much booty in her pants for me to lift.

This is Yvette's night out. We went to an outside bar called Hawallian Tropic Zone. It was off the chiizanne we danced to all our favorites. The shots started pretty early.

Stephanie went out for Yvette's bday but in this picture she is secretly saying. This is about me! This is my night!

Trying to get my pose on! Poparodc was hounded!

See, I told ya'll. She was literally saying here, "it's about me! Yvette who?" she was also doing what she does best, going down!

Why does Yvette look scared here? Stephanie trying to get a man and Javie looks awfully close to the gladiator.

This is Poparodc laughing at the "Hot Tranny Mess" behind me. Her ass knew that leopard print should not have been worn by her and that size 12 shoulda been a 16. I''m just saying!

Big Momma backing her thang up! Big girls! Why must you think that print is yo friend????? It ain't!

Broke ass version of Elvis trying to get his play on with these trashlettes.

Joe fell asleep, Yvette woke his ass up.

Poparodc posing again. Don't worry ya'll, Yvette's tits were not falling she was just cold.

Told ya'll! "Its all about me"

So there was a chic dancing like crazy and then I danced with her skanky ass! I loved her! She was so trashy, I felt an instant connection with her so we started Juking!

Yes, the Former Fly Girls posing for a pic!

Stephanie saw a pole and felt right at home. She was going to interperet an episode of G-String Divas.
I also had to do my version of G-String Divas! By this time we was getting pretty trashed :)

Joe was attracted to the pole for some odd reason too.

Stephanie saw this bouncer as soon as she walked in and she was lovin some him. She took a picture with him and it looked like he liked him some Stephy!

Javie and I was trying to get close with some tongue action.

These horny fools could not take it to their room and started to make out all up in the club. She holding her coochie like its protected or something.

1st fashion mishap is the long dress. The 2nd is that it was wet pleather! Seriously! Take that shit back cuz aint no one like yo shit.

More juking, we had a good ol time!

Ok, I saw this bubble dress everywhere.

Big girls, if it comes in your size don't mean you could wear it. This is a bubble dress and not meant to be worn by those shaped like a bubble. If you stretched out the middle part of the dress, this dress is not for you. But don't worry, I don't blame you. I blame your girl friends for not being true and letting yo ass go out like this. Dump them friends cuz they let you wear something that looks like a glittery glad bag!

Again, big girls rockin the print!

Stephanie and I trying to rock our red carpet pose. It aint workin!

Cholo Love!
What happends in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially your one night stands, nuf said. I aint mad cuz he is cute!

Stephanie at cock level!

Aww Group love!

Stephanie, please tell you dropped this like a hot tamale! This aint for you.

I hope she has panties on cuz then we may bring something back from Vegas.

Thats a wide load you got there! Hope you can handle it!

Yvette, thats hot! Take that home now!

Yvette, whacha doin?

BSD (Sex Email)

Today's BSD is using your sex email to get a job! Seriously, I have bitched slapped about this before but it deserves another.

I get this resume to fill a position we are hiring for and the mutha fucking email is sexysel? Seriously people! Stop using your sex email to find a job. If you were intending to work at heavenly bodies then cool but not in a corporate environment!

So Whack! Bitch Slap yo Horny ASS!



Resume Value: a7adagq2q5te4gru Resume Headline: Customer Service

Objective To pursue a career in well-established company utilizing my customer service and data processing skills and expanding into a leadership role
Experience 2001-Present Cardinal Health Waukegan, IL Government Sales Customer Service/Overseas Accts
Entering orders for government customers ordering health care products. Issuing credit & rebills for shortages, overages, and damage product. Resolving pricing issues with sales reps, vendors & customers. Contacting vendors for product availability & pricing. Administer and coordinate order placement and service process for all Federal Government Customers in our SAP & CIC order entry system.Act as the key contact for post order entry resolution i.e. stock counts, proof of deliveries, pricing inaccuracy and credit/rebills. Working with Federal contracts, procurement policies and processes. Ability to communicate with personnel at all levels, internal and external. Strong interpersonal skills. Have ability to identify problems and initiate action towards its resolution in a timely manner.
L6 Construction 2006- Present (pt) Admin Assistant

Duh Moment (How Many Fluids Does a Car Have?)

Please keep in mind that today's Duh Moment reflects a time when I knew nothing of cars. Um, kinda like today.

I just had bought my first car 88 Mercury Tracer hatchback. My dad never really talked to me about cars or showed me how to care for them so I had to learn as I go. I had the car for a couple of years when all of a sudden the car would not go in reverse. I was mad as hell! I would step on the gas and nothing. I kept stepping on the gas and the car would not move and then it would jolt and finally go into reverse.

I did mention this to my dad but he paid no mind. Actually, I didnt pay any attention to his response cuz he told me what to check but he told me while I was watching All My Children and Tad & Dixie were getting married so I didnt hear a word he said. A few months went by and the car would do the same thing from time to time.

One day I was shopping at the Brickyard, yes I said Brickyard for all you Chicagoans the Brickyard was the shit! That mall was poppin! Anyway, I went into my car and it wouldn't go in reverse so I gave it gas to the full extreme and when all of said the car jumped and made a huge bang. The car was rattling so much I was scared. I drove it home and found that it wouldn't go forward now either. I was a mess getting the car home cuz the car was shake, rattle, and rollin. I finally got home and parked that bitch. I went inside calmly and said "Dad the car is messed up, I don't know whats wrong with it." He went came back and was mad as hell, like it was my fault the car was bunk!

He had it towed and the next day I was watching One Life To Live, Tina and Cord were having issues cuz Tina slept with Johnny and got pregnant. Well Tina didn't know who the father was but she told Cord she was pregnant with his baby. It was getting good. Any fucking way! Let me finish telling you all the story.

I was watching my soap, cuz it was summer time, and my dad answered the phone and all I heard was "What! It can't be! That's not possible!" I heard the phone slam and I was like "Dang someone's in trouble, I wonder what my brother did?" He asked me, "Did you check the fucking transmission fluid when I told you to?" I said "Transmission Fluid? I don't even know where that is?" He said "Where do you get your oil changed?" yelling. I said " Calm down, geez! Oil Change? Well when the oil light comes on I add more just like Erica showed me how!" That seem to enrage him even more and said "You never changed the oil?" How long have you been doing that? I was like "I dont know like a year or two"

"You fucking idiot!" he yelled. The car had no transmission fluid it was dry, no oil and no antifreeze!!! I didn't even know what those things were. He said now I have to change the transmission and it is gonna cost me 800 dollars and your paying for it!

I was like daaayum! I couldnt believe he was gonna charge me? I mean seriously, I didn't know all those items and he never taught me. So then I got brave and said "Well I shouldnt pay for it cuz its your fault for not teaching me about a car like a dad is suppose to do. So you pay for it! You never told me about no transmission much less a fluid. You just said oil and gas.

Needless to say, there was no more car for me and he was livid! I was grounded and he tried to make me pay for it but I never did.

So my duh moment is not knowing a fucking transmission or a fluid then having the nerve to blame someone else and still asked for the car as soon as it was back from the shop. Its a damn shame!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Charts!

Hot 100

Lil Wayne still holds the number one song in America with 'Lollipop.' (Just a thought, would you hit Lil Wayne? I mean those grills may hurt if he was blowin me. But seriously I think that even if I was totally trashed drunk I would not hit that. Some of ya'll would though, I know some whorey peeps that would hit it. No shame in their game!)

Leona Lewis keeping the number 2 spot warm with her massive hit 'Bleeding Love.'

Cold Play enjoying a luke warm comeback to the charts with their hit 'Viva La Vida' at number 3.

Rihanna loves the top ten and her former number one hit, 'Take a Bow', slips to the 4th spot.

Rounding the top 5 is newcomer Katy Perry with 'I Kissed a Girl.'

The rest of the chart is showing some decline in our favorite artists. 2008 American Idol winner David Cook slips from 3 to 9 with 'Time of My Life' and Madonna slips 8-10 with her comeback hit '4 min to save the world.' Thank God Mariah Carey is showing big signs of decline with 'Touch My Body' slipping 13- 18 and 'Bye Bye' at number 22. I'm just hoping radio says 'Bye Bye' to all her damn songs.

Billboard 200

As previously reported, that damn cocky ass Usher has the number 1 album in America.

The Sex & The City soundtrack debuts at number 2 with 66, 000 copies.

Mariah Carey continues her decline and so does Madonna. Mariah's album 'E=MC2' slips to number 8 and 'Hard Candy' slips to 11.

Al Green is enjoying a huge comeback! At 62yrs old and over 30yrs in the business he has a new album that debuts at number 9. Impressive!

But more impressive is that Frank Sinatra is still loved even though he's gone. His new greatest hits package has debut at number 2 slipped to number 4 last week and now at number 6. Just shows that we still love old blue eyes!

Luke Menard has Cancer

Luke Menard, an "American Idol" finalist, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Handsome "American Idol" finalist Luke Menard has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma (a cancer of the immune system), according to a report in CBS News.

The network says a rep from the singer's group, Chapter 6, has confirmed the disease, considered one of the most curable forms of cancer.

"Luke had a lingering cough and was having trouble breathing deeply, so he went to the doctor to have it checked out," Jane Victor, a spokesman for Chapter 6 told CBS News. "The suspicion was walking pneumonia. But after a chest X-ray doctors saw a mass and did more testing, which is what led to the stage II Hodgkin diagnosis." Menard is 29 and married.

"They've been told that it's treatable and manageable. Luke is currently in Los Angeles and plans to return home to Indiana soon," Victor said.

The five-year relative survival rate of stage II Hodgkin's disease is 90 to 95 percent, according to the American Cancer Society. It is inoperable but treatable.

Menard made it into the top 16 on this season of "American Idol." He was voted off the show March 6. During the show he sang "Everybody's Talkin' ,'' "Killer Queen" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."

How sad, everyone here at Poparodc is praying for Luke's recovery.

New Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is back with a new sexy video ft Rihanna!

Adam and Rihanna are so fucking sexy I would so do a threesome with them.

God I wish I was Adam's guitar and Rihanna's bra!
Check out their sexyness.

Confessions of a Ghetto Co-Worker (Only 1 Bitch in dis House)

So here is another confession of a ghetto co-worker story. I love them!

We are gonna name this girl Tanya. I like to protect the identity of my ghetto co-workers.

I had to ask Tanya a question regarding a loan but she was on the phone so I waited for her to hang up. Her phone call all of sudden got loud and she said the following "Listen you fucking Whore! There is only 1 bitch in that house and that is me. If you even try to out bitch me I will whoop yo fucking ass and staple yo pussy to that fucking chair! Now sit ya ass down and if I hear one more compliant I am leaving work to whoop your ass!" and she slams the phone down.

I was in shock and said is everything ok? She said "Yeah just don't have kids, especially a daughter." I said ya teenagers can be a hand full. She said " I know but Tory is only 5 I can't even imagine her at 15."

She yelled at her 5 year old like some hooker off the street. Hell no! I'm all about discipline but daaaaayum. She could tame it down abit.

My co-worker also deserves a bitch slap for treating her 5yr old daughter like some skeeza.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Usher Debuts at Number 1!

Usher scores the year's second best debut behind Mariah Carey with 433,000 copies sold of his new CD 'Here I Stand.' His last CD had first week sales of over 1 million copies. I guess this CD must not be all that. I can't stand Usher and his new song sucks!

New Flo Rida!

Flo Rida back with a sick cut called "In the Ayer" ft WIL I Am and Tiffany V. The joint is blazing hot!

Ladies! This is for You!

To all my ladies! Please take this application and print it out and place it in your purse. Take it to dinner, to the club, to work, or even to the bathroom. Ya'll should not meet any man without having them fill this out first. I'm just watching out for ya'll. To my gay men, ya'll need to print this shit out too. Find a spot at Sidetracks set up a table and put a sign that says "Now Accepting Applications" I know I would fo sho!

Read this doc on Scribd: THE NEW WAY TO APPROVE A MAN

Crush Sponsor Bar!

This Sunday June 8th is our Sponsor Bar Day. Ya'll come out and support! We are gonna be drunk hot tranny messes!

Read this doc on Scribd: Broadway Cellars[1]

Yvette's Surprise 40th Bday Party!

We planned a trip to Vegas for Yvette's birthday but we wanted to celebrate with those that couldn't go on the trip. So we threw a surprise party at my house in true Ghetto Fashion! It was a house party like we use to have back in the day. So here we celebrate Yvette going into Cougar territory. Here is Ryan with a Cougar.

Yvette and her hot friend Sammy from the south side! Her south side peeps showed up to her party which was ultra cool. Sammy is married, sorry ya'll.

Yvette posing like she taking a dump! Her sister and brother are next to her. Don't her sister look just like her?

Lizette, my two love birds Nancy & Marco (they engaged, I told ya'll about this how they're fighting over me being the maid of honor or best man.) Then there is my bitch Mike! I looooove me some Mike!

Whoa! Threesome alert!

Ok let me start left to right. Marta lookin at Karen like "this crazy bitch is drunk" and Karen looking at Marta like "Dang, I'm drunk! Where am I? David and Julio leaving those two to figure it all out.
Yvette doing what she does, BLOWING!

The house was packed with Party People. We made 12 Gallons of Mojitos and 6 Gallons of Dangerous Punch! It was all gone!

My roomie lookin hot! Nancy and her infectious Smile, and then Yvette the birthday girl. All the other girls jumped in the photo op!

Sammy took a pic with all the girls he slept with! LOL Just kidding ya'll!

Um, Sammy! Where is your wife? You been taking way too many pics with these hot ladies!

Another pic of the peeps. Please don't mind the gay boy holding the peace sign, he thought this was about him. He got his head waxed just for the occasion.

Erica had to tame her mane! She looked at these drunk bitches like get off my shit! LOL

Las chicas from el barrio!

Nancy and Ana. Nancy, why is the pillow? Are you hiding a wet spot?

Dang Maria juking it! Shawty got low low low!

Again, the gay boy posing like it was a picture! Seriously boo butch up a bit!

Ya'll know the perculator was playing that's when the crowd went crazy! At least Stephanie did.

Charlie and Yvette, he had to leave early cuz his girlfriend had curfew!

My Black Compai! Salsa Dancing with the Cougar.

I still gots it! Jukin and Jukin the night away! Yvette still taking a dump?

Trying my salsa dancing on! Not bad

South Side! All the south side peeps in full effect.

Smiles! We look so good!

There was some hungry ass folks up in this party. The food was GONE! Ya'll got the munchies.

I had to take a pic of this. Notice the bare bone on the left? That is my girl who says she can eat a chicken wing by sucking everything off. I had to be the cock she sucks cuz that foreskin would be gone!

Towards the end of the night! The former ladies of Clubbing!

Great group shot! My Puerto Rican Compai always gotta make us focus on his crotch!

Another great shot! Marco never takes a bad picture, bastard!