Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Charts!

Hot 100

Lil Wayne still holds the number one song in America with 'Lollipop.' (Just a thought, would you hit Lil Wayne? I mean those grills may hurt if he was blowin me. But seriously I think that even if I was totally trashed drunk I would not hit that. Some of ya'll would though, I know some whorey peeps that would hit it. No shame in their game!)

Leona Lewis keeping the number 2 spot warm with her massive hit 'Bleeding Love.'

Cold Play enjoying a luke warm comeback to the charts with their hit 'Viva La Vida' at number 3.

Rihanna loves the top ten and her former number one hit, 'Take a Bow', slips to the 4th spot.

Rounding the top 5 is newcomer Katy Perry with 'I Kissed a Girl.'

The rest of the chart is showing some decline in our favorite artists. 2008 American Idol winner David Cook slips from 3 to 9 with 'Time of My Life' and Madonna slips 8-10 with her comeback hit '4 min to save the world.' Thank God Mariah Carey is showing big signs of decline with 'Touch My Body' slipping 13- 18 and 'Bye Bye' at number 22. I'm just hoping radio says 'Bye Bye' to all her damn songs.

Billboard 200

As previously reported, that damn cocky ass Usher has the number 1 album in America.

The Sex & The City soundtrack debuts at number 2 with 66, 000 copies.

Mariah Carey continues her decline and so does Madonna. Mariah's album 'E=MC2' slips to number 8 and 'Hard Candy' slips to 11.

Al Green is enjoying a huge comeback! At 62yrs old and over 30yrs in the business he has a new album that debuts at number 9. Impressive!

But more impressive is that Frank Sinatra is still loved even though he's gone. His new greatest hits package has debut at number 2 slipped to number 4 last week and now at number 6. Just shows that we still love old blue eyes!

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