Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (Tech Run)

Ya'll know I been blogging about dancing like there's no tomorrow, my journey back to dance. After 10 years I got back into dancing and I love it! Its been 10 weeks of gruling rehersals and now the time has come to perform.

Last night was our tech run which deals with lighting on stage. Our run was suppose to start from 7pm-8pm and we had to be ready to dance at 7pm. My latino ass got there at 6:20 cuz I would be late and we didnt run until 8:55. My hungry ass was not happy.

Then we had some stage director that was a fuckin dance nazi! I almost killed that skinny bitch cuz she was brutal to people. She would check people in a rude way. We are all in the room quiet and my inside voice suddenly came out and said "Does that bitch have a man? Cuz she really needs a good fuck, she I aint straight but I'm about to help her out and take it for the dance team." OOPS! That shit was so loud, everyone started to laugh but I swear that meant to be in my head. I hate when that happends and you have to be Nancy to understand what I'm saying.

Anyway performance time Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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